Important Update from South Hyland Pet Hospital



We have been continuing to grow at South Hyland Pet Hospital and have added a number of additional staff, as well as new leadership roles, to our team.

Because client communication and top notch veterinary care are our number one priority, we will be implementing daily morning staff rounds (meetings) as of Monday May 17th.

Impactful rounds improve and maintain communication, efficiency, and staff culture. They properly prepare everyone for the day, help identify potential issues, and allow the team to adequately prepare for non-routine events.

In order to facilitate this important time for our team, there will be some changes made to our hours of operation.

  • Surgery/Procedure/Exam Drop-Offs will be scheduled from 7:30am – 8am instead of 7am – 7:30am
  • Phones and text messaging will turn on at 7:30am instead of at 7am

We thank you for your understanding as we continue to make these important changes to better serve you and your pets!

Management Team – South Hyland Pet Hospital

South Hyland Pet Hospital; Caring Hearts and Caring Hands


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